Saturday, January 2, 2010

Off with the old, on with the new ( blog)

It's not quite that neat; this is actually a continuation of/successor to The Word blog, the woefully neglected offspring of my Word column in the Boston Globe. And I've cross-posted some entries so as not to spring into existence here as naked as the New Year's baby.

Naturally, I've resolved to be more diligent in the coming year. (And now that my book is finished -- click on it to order -- and Erin McKean is sharing the burden of weekly columnizing, I have fewer excuses for negligence. But procrastination springs eternal.) A happy, hopeful 2010 to all!


Wishydig said...

welcome to the blogspot platform!

Stan said...

Many happy returns, Jan! I'm glad to have found this blog (via your "Hello, goodbye, hello again" post at The Word), and have happily subscribed and linked to it.

I think the trick to handling procrastination is to feel just the right amount of guilt about it — ideally an almost negligible amount. But as tricks go, it's very tricky.